Three Key Ways to Extending One’s Life and Health

Here is a post on how to further extend your life to the maximum.

There have been a lot of people that have been in the Genus Book of World Records for living well past one hundred. Jiroemon Kimura, for example has lived to the age of 115 years of age that has been solidly confirmed by the organization. However, the question is what are some key factors that can get a person to live so long and die peacefully with zero to no pain? Three things are attributed to such longevity. Firstly, good healthy eating that is light and full of key nutrients. Secondly, moderate to intense exercise for around 30 minutes a day. Lastly, some form of meditation or prayer along with other brain strengthening exercises like constant learning of new concept or strategy games as examples. All three factors are absolutely crucial to living a long life.

Picture of Jiroemon kimura

Eating light has been shown to contribute to a good long life free of disease and pain. Vegetarianism is one life style along with its counterpart veganism, both of which attribute light eating without excess red or white meat or little to excess dairy products in the daily diet. however, vegetarianism is the most stable diet overall because key nutrients are still being taken in and absorbed for proper body functions and growth/development, and yet it doesn’t eliminate dairy or fish as dairy or protein sources from one’s eating trends/habits. These nutrients help with maintaining strong bones, healthy brain function, and other important factors that are keys to long lives past one hundred. However, exercise is just as important as healthy eating in ensuring a long life.

Picture of people exercising

Exercise has many benefits to both the body and brain. It keeps muscles flexible and strong, it releases healthy neurotransmitters that keep the mind and brain at a happy medium, and it prevents people from developing diseases such as Diabetes that can lead to a short lifespan in the end. The most beneficial factor of all is of course the muscle strength and flexibility. Joint pain can occur when not exercising enough daily. As mentioned before, this longevity key also helps with managing depression because of the chemicals being released into the bloodstream. This process acts like a balancing system between the brain and body to ensure good levels of chemicals that can keep a person happy and relaxed throughout the day which will expand their life for many years onward due to the lack of negative emotions and feelings. Even though eating light and exercising are good ways of maintaining a good long life, meditation, prayer, and brain activities like board games are just as important to living long.

Prayer and meditation are especially helpful in relieving bouts of depression, anxiety, and other evil/harmful forces that can kill off brain cells and lead to a short unpleasant end. Both strategies are useful because the mind is put at a level with a higher power that can bring hope, peace, and calm to the mind, body, and soul resulting in a happier and peaceful person that can live well past one hundred once all conditions are met. Playing board games or constantly learning something new can help keep the brain strong and protect it from Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This means that such a person will be able to function at full speed in body and mind even after the age of one hundred and give the impression upon others that they are a lot younger than they seem.

Picture of women in meditation

In short, living long is based on three key things. They include: eating light and healthy preferably a vegetarianism diet, exercising thirty minutes a day, and praying/meditating, playing board games, or constantly learning new things will lead to a healthier and sharper mind. Put together, this is a good recipe for longevity that I feel that everyone should pursue if they desire it. To me, this trio method has motivated me to start taking those steps to be able to achieve such a goal like so many others, which is the key motivation for me to learn about how to extend my life to the most appropriate capacity.

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