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What is pedagogy really? Pedagogy is in basic terms the art of studying something within in its own sections or subsections. An example of this would be the branch of humanities studies, where such a branch has grown into many sub-branches that now make up the parent field as a whole. Each sub-branch has own sub-branches and so on and so forth. This leads into the next sections of the chapter where he talks about scholarship and how it relates to the field of digital rhetoric. This in turn, gives rise to how this broad concept has been populated into many forms of practice to be studied through production and distribution. A few applications come to mind where this idea can be pliable through the digital space. App development and the art of tweaking. The question is how does pedagogy apply to this area of practice?

Pedagogy Illustration

In terms of application development and tweaking, the idea of pedagogy applies when apps as a whole are studied from beginning to end as to how they will perform on multiple platforms, as well as how they will be usable as an end product once any and all bugs have been fixed. An example of this would be Aira, which is an app that lets blind people get instant sighted assistance for any visual tasks that are required of them. Pedagogy can be seen through the development of it.

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