Final Reflections on My Portfolio Creation

These are my takeaways from the careers in writing course.

There are four huge takeaways from this specific course that I would like to highlight. To start, it writing different types of content from blog posts to experience reviews of places where I have visited. The process of constructing these things was the most fun part of All because it was all new experience of creating new content that is unique to my interests. Secondly, the process of creating the site itself was the most daunting task. The writing portions were easy to manage, but navigating the visual challenges of the site took the effort of both me and a sighted student to make sure that everything fit correctly on to the actual pages. Once that was accomplished, the site was ready for presentation. The third item of interest for me was attending KSU’s career events which were very informative in nature. I learned a lot about what graduate school was all about and how I could apply at a future date. having these experiences has given me a better perspective on what employers are hiring KSU students and how graduate school can help further my education later on down the road. The last and most interest take away was the talk by Austin Woods on free lancing. I had always known what free lancing was in regards to content creation, but I did not know the ends and outs of how I would go about making it a reality. The whole process ranged from getting an audience for for my site to actually getting it published. In all, the overall experience of this course has given me new skills that I can use in the professional world which will help me have a more professional identity in a more large scale manner.

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