Shakespeare Experiential Review

Picture of QR code at the Tavern

Dining Experience

Here is my review of the Shakespeare Theatre in detail. This past Saturday, I went to the Shakespeare Tavern Theatre in Downtown Atlanta. I have been there before to see Romeo and Juliet and A Midnight Summers Dream of which both were amazing in their quality of performance. However, this weekend was the Abridged play of acting out all 37 of his plays in two hours or less. When I arrived there, I had a little under an hour before the show started. At the tavern there is a kitchen that serves home made food from shepherds pie to the turkey chili I actually had for dinner with salted chips and a delicious chocolate brownie for dessert. The chili was a bit spicy to start, and I nearly choked on it, however, after things settled down, it became very tasty. It had both black and pinto beans along with spices/seasonings and ground turkey. To add to this tasty meal, the brownie was filled with chocolate chips and a few other ingredients in it that made the meal worth consuming before the show.

Picture of the outside of the Tavern

Viewing a Play

The theatre wasn’t very full due to Covet restrictions, however, that did not matter because the audience was big enough for the actresses to be able to get feedback from us as they performed. Unlike before, they had a gift shop that wasn’t there the last time I went to see a play, however, I did not go in to explore, but in the future that will become a reality. Now, the play was down right wonderful in quality. The actors were all female, and there were only three of them doing all of his plays in one shot. To start, they performed the classic Romeo and Juliet in 12 minutes. However, the most awesome part of it was the end scene where they play out Juliet’s loss of her lover because they did so well on displaying her emotions once she found out about his death. The next plays were a quick run through of what they were about from all of his history plays to some more of his tragedies such as Hamlet for example which was played in the second half. however, his comedic plays like A Merchant in Venice were played with much enthusiasm and they tried their hardest to be as modern as possible. What I mean by that, is they used modern technological references in their scripts to make the performance more entertaining. An example of this would be when they made a joke about how Shakespeare was into social media platforms and how he would have been ingrained into our modern day social society. However, they also sang a few of the plays to give the overall performance a nice flare. Another cool part was when they went through all of his comedies. They went through them in a poetic fashion in the form of a wrap which made them sound a lot more funny then them being acted out individually due to their length and depth. One of them also knew how to play the trumpet, and she did it before the break in between both halves. This apparently, is sometimes used to bring back actors to the stage which was a cool fact to know, however, I think that was also scripted for better entertainment purposes.

A Second Viewing

Once the fifteen minute break was over, the second half of the show began. Until then, I never saw the play of Hamlet, and that run through it was beyond what I expected. This was one of Shakespeare’s most notable tragedies which talked about a Danish guy whose uncle gets killed over jealousy from what i was able to gather. I originally expected it to be a bit dark in tone because of its sad nature. However, these three awesome women made it more funny than tragic like they did with Romeo and Juliet during the first half. To illustrate major parts of the tragedies including Hamlet’s wife dying by spraying each other with what I think was air to show case major downfalls of certain characters. However, the most incredible part of all was when they finished all of them in 97 minutes. the best part about that was when they ran through the play in reverse order from the end of Hamlet to the beginning, and they did it again in order at a slightly faster rate just for the enjoyment of it. The final and most interactive part of the whole show was when we the audience played a part in Hamlet’s plot. We were the different voices in Hamlet’s lover Phillis’s head trying to guide her to the right decisions as the story unfolds as to how she should live her life. My section said the following quote “Paint an inch thick.” From Hamlet. This part was fun because we got to get into the play a bit more which made it a bit more fun overall.

Map image of the downtown area and Tavern


All in all, my experience was awesome, and i was with my mom enjoying it. however, I will add one more point to my experience that deals with the location of this wonderful theater. It is located in downtown Atlanta where on the outside of there are a lot of homeless people sleeping on the streets while on the inside and outside alike it is a very good looking building. A lot of people don’t realize that when they attend this theater, but it is definitely worth knowing for safety precautions to be kept in mind. however, that did not spoil this particular experience, nor did it spoil past experiences that I’ve had at this theatre.

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